When was the last time you drank a cold, frosty vanilla milkshake AND enjoyed it without thinking about the extra calories, the unwanted fat grams, and the guilt-associated criticisms that somehow ALSO came with each delicious sip?! NEVER?

Well!! I enjoyed my oh-so-wonderful- regular-sized vanilla milkshake that had slight condensation already on the paper cup and the faint aroma of cool deliciousness last Thursday! The best part of it all is that it was the FIRST MILKSHAKE as an adult (in what I believe to be decades)  that I sipped WITHOUT GUILT!!! Let me say that again, but LOUDER… I drank a vanilla milkshake without guilt!!! It was an unexpected gift from one of my co-workers who decided to do a “milkshake-run” and as she cheerfully delivered each delectable order, I believe I squealed silently to myself as I went to go see my next patient. What a gift she gave me…. pure bliss with each sip.

As I charted on each patient, I purposely took my time and took slow purposeful sips. I tasted the vanilla, felt the ice cream pool in my mouth, and then, totally enjoyed it 100%. For those few moments at the “busy-ness of work”, I stopped and 100% was in the moment of my vanilla milkshake. I relished each sip.  How happy was I… and all over a simple, paper cup filled with  pure yumminess.

Later, I also reflected on how many milkshakes I have had in the past and have not taken the time to enjoy them. They always seemed to equal some sort of guilt! What a waste of perfectly good milkshakes! So, stop the guilt! Stop bashing yourself for whatever reason! If you want to buy that treat or buy that dress or go watch a movie for no special reason except for the reason of “Just Because…” , then DO IT!!! DO IT with all your focus; with all your joy; with 100% intention to celebrate YOU!!!

So,  my friends… as my two little ones are gathered on my bed asleep and I  find myself catching up with you late in the evening, my wish for you this month is to ENJOY your vanilla milkshakes in whatever shape or form they may be in…

Mmmm… they are sooooo good!

Rating 3.00 out of 5