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Thank you to the Girl Scouts Citrus Council….

Just wanted to send a warm thank you to the Girl Scouts Citrus Council for inviting me to their 2010 Service Unit Manager’s Rally as appreciation to their Volunteer Leaders! It was this past Saturday, January 9th at the Aloma United Methodist Church 3045 Aloma Avenue here in Winter Park.

Over 30 incredible women came despite the cold temperatures of being below 30 degrees! Brrr…… they still came to celebrate being volunteers and being the spectacular women that they are!!! Mara Rodriguez who has worked with the Girl Scouts Citrus Council for over 8 years invited me to do their closing speech and I was HONORED…  (I had met her earlier at the Ya-Ya Conference where she heard my session on finding peace and relaxation. )

One volunteer had been a volunteer for over 16 years! Wow! What dedication.  Each day the volunteers touch the lives of so many young girls… making a difference. No matter how busy they get with their own lives, they STILL have time for another troop meeting, another trip, or simply another story to listen to.

Without their strength, their creativity, their commitment, and their pure love for the girls… the Girls Scouts Citrus Council would not be where they are today.

I thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to meet all of you and speak words that you already know to be true to your hearts… Your spirits shine brightly every day and I honor you for BEING YOU!

Continued blessings and success for the future!

Rating 3.00 out of 5

2010: The Year of “Being”

I am determined to not have 2010 go by so quickly as the last 12 years have. It seems that as soon as you become parents, the 365 days of a year really feels like it’s shrunk to 28 days instead! One day it’s New Year’s Eve… celebrating, laughing, counting down… then, BAM! It’s summer break and then, BAM! It’s Halloween again. Bam! Your children have grown another year older and so have you!!!

Why is that?! WHY are the YEARS zooming by at superduper supersonic speed? Is it because we are constantly in the “Doing-Mode” and always on the move with our children? It’s school; it’s homework; it’s football practice; it’s the playdates; it’s the volunteering at the Fall Festival; it’s Saturday soccer games; it’s everything! We need more BEING-mode and less DOING-mode, don’t we?!

So, as my young five year old son is sleeping so soundly next to me and I listen to his shallow breaths and watch his little chest rise and fall with each breath, I am vowing this year to be the Year of Being. I am enjoying be-ing in this moment. I’m all warm and cozy in the covers as I’m typing my first blog of the year. My son is in dreamland and I am happy. I AM happy… what else in this very moment do I need or want?

Let me share what I wish for all parents to begin to understand. One of my favorite books that I am re-reading for 2010 is called: Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn. It’s an incredible book on mindfulness meditation. It’s a really easy read to remind you of what is truly important…

In it, he shares how to just BE. “The best way to capture moments is to pay attention,” Jon states as the beginning of one of the chapters in his book. He states the obvious so simply that you have to just go, “Huh! That’s right!”

Pay attention. Stop doing and just be. Be aware of what is going on right now… in the moment. What are you doing? What are you feeling? What are the sounds that are around you? What do you see?
Do this while you are driving to work tomorrow; while you are in line at the coffeehouse; while you are eating lunch.

Most importantly, as Mom and as Dad- notice your children as they  greet you when you come home from work- how they walk or run to you; how their little arms feel as they give you a heartfelt hug; how her lips feel on your warm cheek; or watch your children as they eat dinner- how  your five year old chews his food; how loudly your ten year old burps; or how your daughter holds her fork.

Notice the little details. Notice. Watch. “The Best way to capture moments is to pay attention.”

This way, you can live 2010 slowly, with attention, with mindfulness.

2010- 361 more days of BEING… ahhhh…..

Rating 3.50 out of 5